About the Chairman

Dr. Daniel Park a World Record Holder from South Korea is one of the most famous TV Star in the tire world such as CNN TV, MIAMI TV., KT LA TV., ABC TV., Warner Brother TV., British BBC TV., Danish TV2., Dubai UAE TV., Canada Montreal International Festival and TV. Japan NHK TV., MINICHI TV., Taiwan TW TV., and Singapore TV. It is widely known as the god of yoga through various Korean broadcasting companies. He has been promoting Yoga with the goal of nurturing leaders to promote breathing technique, meditation and Dan Asana with Orthodox Yoga. Yogi Daniel invented 72 Yoga techniques for breathing, meditation, Yoga Physical therapy and 3,500 asanas of Yoga for yoga leaders and the general public. He is a member of the American Chamber of commerce Since 31st January 1996. In 2017 he achieved Unique World Record for Most Super Pushups. He was appointed as an Ambassador of the Pyung Chang Winter Olympic 2018. He has been appointed as an honorary ambassador of the Korea Medical Tourism Promotion Association on 10th June 2018. In 2019, he was appointed as Advisory Member of Korean Society of Aromatherapy.

Dr. Daniel Park

Chairman, Nicely Direct

38 Years of Experience

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Our Founder

Sababbi Mangal (Neuroscientist) Indian Author, Inventor, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur!

Sababbi Mangal

World's Strongest Memory Man
  • Holder of 3 World Records, Author of 12 Books, Professional Memory Trainer & Speaker, Inventor - Unlimited Years Calendar

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Corporate Global Business Consultant & Project Director

He is founder & CEO of Just Happy Minds. In the last 7 years, he has trained executives and management of over 96 corporates across India. He is also visiting faculty to over 43 universities and colleges. He is popularly known as The Mindset Architect for his excellency in Personal Growth Mastery. He till now has touched over 2,00,000 people thorough his 550+ workshops and programs.

Mrs. Rinku Rani

Director, Administration

Mr. Iqvinder Gill

Non Executive Director

Mr. Rahiman

Director, Technical

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